Partnering with you means sharing insights that can help drive your business — and Our Take seeks to do just that. Here, we’re giving our view on the latest foodservice trends, operational challenges and the future of the industry. We hope it serves as a resource to help you do your job more efficiently, meet your customers’ needs head on and plan for tomorrow.

Choosing your own Adventure on the Fryer Purchasing Journey

Adding a fryer to your restaurant seems like a simple task — find an acceptable piece of equipment that fits your estimated budget. It’s not until after purchasing a basic model fryer that restaurants realize they’re now on a “choose your own adventure” journey that probably could have been avoided.

How Better Training Makes a Better Product

You probably don’t think too much about the equipment in your kitchen until you’re faced with maintenance.

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Frying Program

Whether you’ve just added a fryer to your kitchen or you’ve been using one for years, your business is part of the flourishing fried food trend. According to Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN) Top 100 U.S. Chains report, 50 percent of the businesses listed offer fried food items on their menus.

Chick-fil-A Executive, Mike Walpole Weighs in on Workflow

205 cars in an hour. That’s the peak lunch hour pace of one particular undisclosed Chick-fil-A location according to Mike Walpole, the QSR’s International Supply Chain Director. You’d be right to be shocked by that count. That’s nearly 3.5 per minute, a rate that begs several questions, the first being, “How is that even possible?”

A Mid-Year Snapshot: 2017 Technology and Consumer Trends

We continue our look at the state of the foodservice industry with a dive into the trends of 2017 to-date. Last week we shared mid-year insights into the foodservice industry, which can be found HERE.  This week we will look at a few examples of trends we are seeing with consumers and technology.

A Mid-Year Snapshot: The 2017 Foodservice Industry

And just like that we are halfway through 2017. And foodservice numbers are still strong. This year’s news headlines coupled with some of the overarching industry statistics have given us a good picture of where the industry is headed in 2017. To help us take a look back at a few of the things learned in these first six months, we have broken down some of the major challenges and opportunities of 2017 into three categories: By the Numbers, Technology and Consumer trends.

Constantly Changing Menu Items? Consider a Combi Oven.
Part 2 of an interview with Henny Penny Product Manager, Dann Woellert

In Part 1 of an interview with Henny Penny Product Manager Dann Woellert, we discussed the basics of combi oven ownership and why they’re growing in popularity. We’re continuing the conversation and dive deeper into how combi ovens can support kitchen operators who are challenged with delivering a strong customer experience amongst ever changing menus. By utilizing a number of cooking methods, several of which can be used while cooking a variety of foods at the same time, combi ovens are increasing kitchen efficiency, customer experience and cost savings.

What to expect from Henny Penny at the 2017 NRA Show

NRA 2017 marks a special milestone for Henny Penny, as we celebrate our 60th anniversary.  Our success is rooted in innovation and customer experience, and if you attend the show this year, you’ll find we continue offering innovative solutions to provide users quality performance while lowering operating costs.