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Good Habits Die Hard
A friendly Evolution Elite reminder

Purchasing an Evolution Elite® fryer from Henny Penny can be a game changer when it comes to improving your back of house efficiency while positively impacting your bottom line. However, and this is true of any big purchase made to address a challenge to your business, if you aren’t using your equipment to its fullest abilities, you won’t see the full benefits….the reasons you made the investment.

Constantly Changing Menu Items? Consider a Combi Oven.
Part 1 of an interview with Henny Penny Product Manager, Dann Woellert

Today’s menu trends are constantly changing. Your customers’ needs and wants can change at the drop of a hat. Purchasing single-purpose equipment every time you decide to change menu items is expensive and most of the time unrealistic. There is however, an answer to those problems. The combination oven, more commonly known as the combi, offers a future-proof solution to menu trends by utilizing a number of cooking methods, several of which can be used while cooking a variety of foods at the same time.

Treat Your Oil Like The Hero It Is
Posted by Chef Ben

For Superman it is kryptonite. For Achilles it was his heel. It seems for every hero there is a potential weakness that stands in their way. Frying oil may not be faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive, but restaurants depend on it and when someone depends on you, you get billed as a hero in their book. And just like Superman and Achilles, oil has plenty of enemies to worry about.

How should you be testing your oil quality?
A Q&A with Kimberly Eros, Henny Penny Project Manager, Insights

Frying is one of the most popular ways of cooking as it produces exceptional flavor, moisture and crunch. It delivers the ultimate food sensory trifecta: “GBD” or “golden, brown and delicious.” However, repeated usage of frying oil causes it to degrade. Chemical reactions that lead to changes in the oil, which can affect food quality the longer it’s used.

How your kitchen equipment can drive your labor efficiency
Posted By Matt Greear

Cartoons of the past always portrayed the future as the epitome of efficiency. The Jetsons, for example, were always the king of automation with their robot maids, conveyor belts and in home food vending machines. And though we’re all still waiting for flying cars that fold into briefcases, the main theme throughout all those distant, futuristic settings was the increase in efficiency.  In today’s fast paced lifestyle and in just about any industry, efficiency is the main goal. The food industry is no exception.

Is your equipment manufacturer committing to YOUR business’ success?
Posted by Ryan Kutter and Todd Hennigan

Your business’ success is so reliant on the choices you make as you begin setting up your restaurant.  The right personnel.  The right food supplier.  The right marketing plan.  The right equipment.  And many of the equipment purchases you make need consideration beyond the product itself.  Asking your potential partners about things like warranty, service network, customer service, training, install and beyond is incredibly important.  Not understanding some of these keys value adds can be the beginning of trouble if you don’t understand what to expect.

Frying 101; Open vs. Pressure
Posted By Chef Ben and Josh Frank, Product Manager

Opening a restaurant is hard.  There are very few guarantees except,  you will be called to make difficult decisions with long term consequences in order to bring you closer to the future for your restaurant you envision.

Improve your guest experience with consistent food quality
Posted By Chef Ben

The dining experience that creates a loyal customer, one that chooses your restaurant when discretionary dollars are being spent, is based largely on the ability to ensure that they are not disappointed by the consistency of the food quality.