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3 Reasons Foodservice Operators Love Pressure Assist

Pressure Assist is a new feature available on all Henny Penny 4-Head Pressure Fryers with C8000 controls. Exclusive to Henny Penny, Pressure Assist uses an external means of developing pressure within the fry pot for small product loads, which otherwise would not build optimum pressure levels on their own.

So, what does that mean for you? Here’s why you’ll love frying with Pressure Assist:

Cook smaller batches when you need them

Gone are the days of being forced to pressure fry a large batch of product! Pressure Assist enables you to cook-to-order, making it ideal for off-peak periods.

Maintain product quality and consistency

Until now, consistent quality for small orders has never been easy to achieve. Pressure Assist allows you to maintain your brand’s premium quality standards with confidence.

Eliminate unnecessary food waste

By cooking only what is needed, Pressure Assist helps eliminate food waste. It’s no longer necessary to use a full load of product for only a few small orders.

For more information about Pressure Assist or to schedule a demo, please contact your local Henny Penny distributor.