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Don’t be a Kitchen Martyr

I have always believed in dishes that have short prep time but look impressive. Few things are more annoying than hearing someone talk about how long it took them to prepare something, as if the prep time alone is enough for me to be amazed. Many people use the phrase “work smart, not hard,” and in the kitchen, that phrase couldn’t be any more appropriate.

When I’m preparing something, a lot of what I do is to accentuate its natural notes. With very little prep time, and very little complication you can make some really incredible dishes.

In the spring and summer, squash is amazing. Whether its zucchini, yellow crookneck, pattypan, or the ever popular baby squash, squash on the grill is very tasty. While some people will give you a two page recipe, what I like to do is salt and pepper mine, then grill them, and then add them to a simple marinade. The reason why it is important to grill first is because vegetables absorb when they’re hot. If you put raw vegetables in a marinade, they’re just going to sit there without absorbing any flavor.

A simple marinade containing oil and vinegar (3x the oil to 1x the vinegar to avoid too much bite), with some chopped garlic and you’ll have some veggies off the grill that will amaze your family and friends without wasting most of your day.

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