HPLA Scholarship Opportunity

We’re looking forward to reviewing your credentials for this scholarship as you plan for your future! The Henny Penny Leadership Award strives to recognize college-bound students who have demonstrated exemplary leadership skills and are planning to pursue a career which will allow them to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit. Each year, we are proud to award one $20,000 scholarship to a talented student.

This is a highly competitive award that will require you to take time to accurately portray yourself and your qualities as they relate to the criteria. Although the questions are broad in nature, we ask that you include as much information about yourself as you see appropriate for the Henny Penny review team to evaluate your qualifications. Finalists will be required to interview with the Henny Penny review team before a final decision is made.

This is a $20,000 scholarship which will be payable in $5,000 increments over 4 academic years. The scholarship must be paid in consecutive years, thus if the student withdraws from school and fails to attend in a given academic year, the remaining scholarship amount will be forfeited.

Applications will be judged on relevant content, writing skills, and need. The focus of this application must be on your leadership experience and the responsibilities you fulfilled.


Students must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate the attributes of a leader at school and/or within the community.
  • Have served in a leadership role in an organization including, but not limited to, athletics, music, 4-H, Student Council, the arts or a civic organization.
  • Have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • Be a 2020 graduating high school senior either a) attending a Preble County High School, OR b) child of a Henny Penny employee attending any high school.
  • Plan to further their education by attending a college, university or trade school in the upcoming academic year.

For you to be considered for this award, ALL of the following information must be submitted by March 20, 2020:

  1. Complete application form.
  2. Complete high school transcript.
  3. Two completed reference forms.
  4. Essay responses to all of the following questions (Max 2,000 words total):
    1. Describe the type of leader you are today and the type of leader you aspire to be. Include examples of how you have made a difference or impact on people, group/s or organization/s through your leadership efforts.
    2. Tell us about your top 3 most impactful leadership experiences. Please describe the organization, your role, challenges/hurdles, how you made a difference, etc.
    3. Describe your vision for your future. Please include any steps you’ve taken to move closer to your goals and/or plans to achieve your vision.
    4. What impact will you have by pursuing these goals and aspirations?

Application Submission Instructions

Complete all requirements in the Application Form and return to your Preble County Guidance Counselor by the deadline.

If any Preble County student is unable to download the application online, please see your guidance counselor for assistance.

Henny Penny employee children – please refer to the submission instructions from the internal announcement.