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Introducing From Trend to Table: A Foodservice Data Report

The foodservice industry is never short on consumer, operator or supplier trends. However, it can be difficult to connect those trends to solid data that can be used to advance the bottom line.

This challenge wasn’t lost on us.

To help foodservice professionals take advantage of industry trends, we’ve produced a 16-page report that gives an outlook for 2018 and beyond — From Trend to Table: How data tells the foodservice story of 2018. This comprehensive report takes a closer look at the data behind the following topics:

  • Top 5 Consumer Trends
  • Making a Menu for Tomorrow’s Tastes
  • Conquering Labor Challenges
  • Looking Around the Table
  • Chicken Trends
  • Coming Soon: Top 5 on the Rise
  • Plus much more!

For those looking for strategies to increase throughput, approaches to addressing labor challenges or new ideas to enhance their guests’ experiences, “From Trend to Table” turns data and other insights into actionable takeaways for foodservice operations.


We welcome you download the report and make sense of industry trends today so that you’ll be ahead of your competitors tomorrow.

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