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Kick Off Your Spring Cleaning With This Annual Fryer Maintenance Check List

Our maintenance checklist is meant to help pressure and open fryer operators get back on course for proper upkeep — not just for this spring but throughout the year. Following these important steps will not only go a long way in helping protect your investment, but also help ensure that your fryers are producing a consistent and quality product.

4 Head Pressure Fryers

  • Monthly – Lubricate spindle threads and ball seat
  • Every 90 Days – Reverse lid gasket
  • Every 90 Days – Check limit stop adjustment
  • Every 90 Days – Check and tighten element spreaders
  • Once a year – Remove and clean safety relief valve

8 Head Pressure Fryers

  • Daily – Clean deadweight assembly cap, weight and deadweight orifice
  • Monthly – Check dilution box, clean as needed
  • Monthly – Clean the nylatrons
  • Every 90 Days – Reverse lid gasket
  • Annually – Clean blower wheel (for gas units)
  • Annually – Lubricate lid rollers in back of fryer
  • Annually – Remove and clean safety relief valve
  • Annually – Inspect lift cables

Low Oil Volume or Open Fryers

  • Weekly – Clean behind fryer
  • Quarterly – Change filter pan O-rings
  • Quarterly – Vat deep clean
  • Semi-Annually – Clean blower motors (for gas units)

Henny Penny PXE-100 Pressure Fryer

  • Weekly – Clean the ATO reservoir
  • Weekly – Clean the casters wheels
  • Monthly – Clean the lid gasket
  • Monthly – Clean the nylatron filler strips
  • Monthly – Clean the deadweight assembly
  • Quarterly – Replace O-rings

Need a little more guidance to get your Henny Penny equipment back in tip-top shape? We offer free 24-hour technical support on all our products. Visit our Technical Support page to learn more.

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