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Know Your Fryer’s Features: Load Comp

If each day at your restaurant was exactly the same — from the number of people that show up to the items they order — running a restaurant would be easy. But we all know, this has never been the case and will never be the case. The difficulty of not knowing what will happen each day is a challenge preventing you from being able to eliminate waste and produce consistent high-quality products.

Luckily you can use equipment to take some of the guesswork out of the equation. A timer on an oven, for example, helps you maintain consistency. A timer, however, doesn’t consider volume. If the volume changes, the timer is less effective.

A standard fryer is open to the same subjective cooking. With no way to account for volume, you cannot be sure a standard level of consistency is being met despite the quantity being cooked.

Henny Penny fryers feature a tool specifically for this job. Our fryers, both open and pressure, include a load compensation feature, incorporated to drive consistent quality and reduce waste. Whether you’re a high-volume franchise or a single location this feature will work for you.

The feature works simply; enter a value and it will duplicate your product accounting for changes in volume. To create your own values, follow these directions. After cooking an item for the first time, enter the cook time and average cooking temperature of its normal or average-sized load. Then add information for its biggest load into the equation. After entering this information, the equipment’s load comp setting will determine the cooking speed for any size load.

No matter how much you cook, the Load Comp feature will consistently ensure perfect quality.

If a half-sized load is added, the clock will speed up to cook faster to ensure consistency. This feature even accounts for adjustments to load temperature, such as fresh items or items out of a freezer.

Load comp helps you take the guesswork out of frying by calculating the additional or subtracted cooking time required. Less guessing means fewer failed batches, which means far less waste. With every batch of fries, chicken fingers or mozzarella sticks coming out of your fryer comes the consistent quality your customers expect.

Whether you are looking for consistency across varying large orders, or you just want to throw a single order of fries in every now and then, the load comp setting is great for operations both large and small.

Be sure to visit our complete frying line up to see all of the Henny Penny fryer options that feature load comp in their programming.

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