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COVID-19 One Year Later

We’re Back!

We are so happy to welcome back our office employees this month. Most have been remote for almost a year! We’re excited to reunite our entire team.

Why did we decide to come back now? There are three main reasons. We feel we can do it safely. We are better together. We feel it will rekindle a sense of community.

We can do it safely:

We have been operating our manufacturing operation safely since April 6, 2020.  Our original thinking was that it was safer for our production employees to have fewer people on our campus (and at that point, it probably was!). I want to reiterate our deep appreciation for our frontline manufacturing teams who have been working on-site throughout the pandemic.

Based on what we know now, the measures we’ve taken to modify workspaces, and the procedures we’ve put in place, we feel confident that we can bring people back safely and not introduce increased risk. Another positive outcome is that, where circumstances allow, we’re likely to see some hybrid remote/onsite arrangements to support work-life balance and flexibility.

We are better together:

We think that when we are together, we are better able to collaborate and support each other, and be more effective. Plus, we like each other and enjoy being together, which creates a lot of positive energy and supports our culture. So many parts of being in the office—like spontaneous hallway conversations, non-Ring Central meetings, brainstorming sessions—are so valuable and just can’t be replicated virtually. Plus, we feel the sense of togetherness supports our employees’ social health and well-being.

Sense of community:

Our sense of community extends beyond our campus… Returning to the office also means you’ll have the chance to reconnect with each other in places within the local community that are special and unique to working at Henny Penny. We’re also hosting and welcoming visitors and customers from our business community, too.

This doesn’t mean we think the pandemic is over. We’ll continue to follow all the procedures we’ve put in place to keep each other healthy and safe. We are confident in taking this important step forward. We also are hopeful and believe that through our strength and endurance, we will thrive.

I am also happy to report our business is back! From being down over 80% last April to currently running at full capacity, we are as busy as we have ever been in our history. The Roaring 20’s are coming, and we are preparing! There is so much excitement and people can’t wait to get back out and be together, be it a restaurant, event, vacation, ballgame, or whatever. The future is bright, and we are happy to be back!

With appreciation and excitement,