gcc 115 combi
Advanced Steam Technology generates steam quickly without boilers
Auto-reverse fan circulates heat more evenly for more uniform results
Optional CrossWise Plus racking system increases capacity up to 100%
WaveClean self-cleaning system reduces water and detergent consumption


With the ClassicCombi from Henny Penny, you can prepare an assortment of your customers’ favorite foods in greater quantities than ever — without jeopardizing food quality. Thanks to the exclusive CrossWise Plus racking system, you can increase the capacity of your ClassicCombi by up to 100%, giving you more volume and quicker ROI.

The ClassicCombi also makes it safe and easy to clean up with the Two-in-One WaveClean™ cartridge. With just a single, easy-to-use cartridge, the unit cleans itself automatically with the push of a button — improving safety by eliminating the need for hands-on contact with harsh chemicals. The ClassicCombi’s boilerless design also prevents lime buildup, while its Advanced Steam Technology applies moisture directly to a fan to distribute droplets evenly.

  • Advanced Steam Technology generates steam quickly without boilers
  • Auto-reverse fan provides fast, even cooking throughout cabinet
  • WaveClean self-cleaning system significantly reduces water and detergent consumption
  • Easy-to-operate controls combine dial settings, touch key icons and LED displays
  • Operators can select and input cook settings for 1, 2 or 3-step sequential cooking
  • Core temperature probe ensures product quality and consistency, eliminating the guesswork in preparation
  • Temperature displayed in ºF or ºC
  • Retractable spray hose for quick, easy interior rinsing
  • Filterless grease extraction
  • Full-perimeter door seal
  • 1mm chrome-nickel stainless steel exterior
  • Chrome-nickel seamless stainless steel cooking chamber with covered corners


E-GCC 615

E-GCC 115

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Other combis HP Model 615

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