Open frying  submerges food in an open vat of hot oil, a cooking method commonly used for items that should be  crispy  when done — like fries, for example. Kitchens utilize open fryers instead of pressure fryers for a variety of menu items, including foods that float while cooking.


For more than 50 years, Henny Penny has been leading the way in fryer innovation. Take, for instance, our built-in oil filtration systems that come standard on every open fryer. This automatic system helps extend oil life and reduces the effort required to keep your fryers functioning.

Faster temperature recovery is also a hallmark of Henny Penny open fryers, with third-party testing confirming our designs help save energy and keep things running efficiently.


Evolution Elite

Evolution Elite fryers provide optimal results on freezer-to-fryer starches or proteins.

CHOOSE THE EVOLUTION ELITE WHEN you want to save money on oil, improve operations and maintain consistent food quality.

Velocity Series Open Fryer

Henny Penny’s newest open fryer helps operators do more — cooking more food with less oil per vat while saving time and labor thanks to automatic built-in oil filtration and top-off.

CHOOSE THE VELOCITY SERIES WHEN you need a high-volume solution that saves oil, labor and time.

320 Series

320 Series fryers offer maximum cooking versatility and can produce anything from freezer-to-fryer side items to freshly breaded products.

CHOOSE THE 320 SERIES WHEN you need an all-purpose “workhorse” fryer to handle all of your menu needs.

340 Series

340 Series fryers feature a wider frying surface area and are best suited for preparing large batches of bone-in chicken and other floating items.

CHOOSE THE 340 SERIES WHEN you need to prepare items like onion blossoms, donuts and chips that require a larger frying surface area for even cooking.

High volume open fryers
The OFE 291 and OFG 391 high-volume fryers are best suited for preparing large batches of bone-in chicken, and feature a racking system for easier product handling.

CHOOSE THE OFE 291/OFG 391 WHEN you need to prepare a large quantity of crispy chicken.