Rotisserie chicken


Prepared for anything.

Fryers aren’t the only way Henny Penny is bringing fresh thinking and solid engineering to the world of foodservice. Our combi ovens and rotisseries are changing the way operators think about space, capability and profitability. With a range of products designed to ensure even cooking and easy cleaning, Henny Penny is helping you prepare more customer favorites than ever — and spend less time than ever cleaning up afterwards.

Our combi ovens use moist and dry heat to cook a wide variety of foods, plus they deliver greater throughput in less time than traditional convection ovens, so you can expand your menu and offer customers even more choices. And with the option to select your ideal size, control type, power level and pans, you can configure the combi oven that’s perfect for your facility.

If it’s an attention-grabbing, flexible option you’re looking for, Henny Penny’s rotisseries provide a highly visible and convenient solution. Powered by our patented THERMA-VEC even heating process that combines gentle crossflow convection and radiant heat, our rotisseries are ideal for preparing chicken, baked goods and more.


Explore the pages below as you consider the benefits of combi ovens and rotisseries, and which one might be the best solution for your operation.

FlexFusion Platinum combi

Combi Ovens

When you need a truly versatile solution that delivers capacity and flexibility, Henny Penny combi ovens get the job done.

Choose a combi oven when you need to cook a variety of foods using different cooking modes, but customer visibility isn’t a top priority.

SCR 6 Rotisseries


Our rotisseries are all about “theater cooking” and help keep high-margin items visible and ready to serve, especially when combined as part of a cooking/holding/grab-and-go configuration.

Choose a rotisserie when you want showcase your most popular hot items through theater cooking.