pork tenderloin


Combi ovens are an excellent choice for high-volume kitchens where menu choices are varied, but space is always a premium. By combining the ability to do multiple types of cooking in one unit, you can better utilize valuable floor space by eliminating the need to have multiple pieces of hardware. All in all, this kitchen essential gives you the flexibility to accomplish several tasks at once.

Combi ovens are also faster than regular convection cooking and result in less protein shrinkage.


Henny Penny combi ovens give you more capacity than ever — up to 100% more — when you use the innovative FlexiRack racking system. They also feature an easy-to-use automatic WaveClean cleaning system and boilerless DynaSteam2™ system that spreads moisture evenly, ensuring deliciously cooked food and reducing lime buildup inside the oven.

And just like every Henny Penny product, our combi ovens are engineered to last with stainless steel construction and a multi-pane glass door for extra durability and efficiency.



fpe 115 flexfusion platinum

FlexFusion Platinum Series

The FlexFusion Platinum Series combi oven delivers state-of-the-art capability with the Chef’s Touch control system — putting more power in your hands so you can take full advantage of Henny Penny’s latest innovations.

Choose the FlexFusion Platinum Series when you want to get the most out of your combi oven with intuitive controls and powerful apps.