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A steam solution (and more) for today's kitchens.

As the face of the foodservice industry changes rapidly, operators are looking for ways to make their kitchens more efficient — and that starts with replacing outdated equipment that can’t keep up with today’s expanding menus, fast-paced demand and evolving customer tastes. That’s why more operators than ever are discovering the benefits of combi ovens as a powerful alternative to steamers — and a whole lot more.

Simply put, combi ovens use both moist and dry heat, either separately or in unison, to cook a variety of foods in many different ways. This inherent versatility means that a single piece of equipment can replace not only a steamer, but a grill and convection oven as well. Add in features like our capacity-boosting FlexiRack racking system, boilerless DynaSteam2 and simple WaveClean cartridge, and you’re armed with Henny Penny innovation for your menu.

Henny Penny’s combi oven solutions are designed with ultimate efficiency and performance in mind, helping operators better utilize valuable floor space while maximizing ROI.


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FlexFusion Platinum combi

FlexFusion Platinum Series

The FlexFusion Platinum Series combi oven delivers state-of-the-art capability with the Chef’s Touch control system — putting more power in your hands so you can take full advantage of Henny Penny’s latest innovations.

Choose the FlexFusion Platinum Series when you want to get the most out of your combi oven with intuitive controls and powerful apps.