We understand that it’s one thing to sell great products, but it’s another thing to back up those products with personal service and world-class support. When you choose Henny Penny, the sale is just one part of the equation. We stay with you before, during and after — because we know how important it is to avoid expensive equipment downtime.

What sets the Henny Penny customer experience apart is our network of exclusive distributors. While competitors have contracts with multiple dealers and service providers — forcing customers to coordinate with multiple contacts — each of our distributors provides a single point of contact for customers. From the actual sale to start-up and employee training, one distributor helps you get up and running quickly and efficiently.


When you purchase new equipment, you should rest assured that it will continue working for you in the years ahead. That’s why we’re committed to helping you prevent downtime whenever possible with our fast, responsive service.

All of our products are built to our highest quality standards, but as with any equipment, maintenance needs may arise over time. And when they do, our technical support hotline is here to help. It’s free inside the U.S. and Canada and is available 24/7/365. In fact, nearly half of all calls are resolved over the phone — saving you time and an on-site visit.

If an issue can’t be resolved over the phone, a factory-trained technician will respond on-site with Henny Penny-certified parts in 24 hours or less. Compare that with third-party providers who can often take days to assess the problem, order parts and return to perform needed service. It’s all part of our promise to keep you up and running. After all, what good is innovative equipment if it costs you with downtime?