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Time to Head Outside! The Food Trucks are Here!

We’ve all seen them. Whether they are converted U-Haul trucks, vans, or refitted UPS trucks, they are everywhere and the trend isn’t going to die anytime soon. The Food Trucks are here and they are introducing on-the-go customers to some exciting new flavors.

Ever since Charles Goodnight outfitted a US Army surplus wagon with kitchen equipment (giving birth to the “Chuck Wagon”), the idea of getting food from a truck has always existed in American dining culture. With advancements in food storage and cooking technology, and well as the rapid pace of miniaturization over the past few decades, Food Trucks can now offer amazingly wide varieties of high-quality cuisine for a reasonable price.

Food Trucks allow chefs all over the country to push the envelope without the pressure of having to provide a full menu for patrons. Instead, they can specialize in specific regional, classic, or fusion cuisine and offer their customers a unique experience while making a decent profit. For customers, the variety that Food Trucks provide allow them to experience something new every time they walk outside, and most Food Trucks make it easier on customers by having active social media sites that update the truck’s location in real time.

The Food Truck trend is here to stay, so next time you can’t decide what to have for lunch, take a walk outside and I’m sure you’ll find a Food Truck nearby.