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Distributor Spotlight: J.L. Lennard

In this exclusive Q&A series, operators gain behind-the-scenes insight into our unique distributor partnerships.

Three Advantages of Adding a Combi Oven to Your C-Store: Profits, Flexibility, and Throughput
Posted By Chef Gregg, Corporate Executive Chef

The pandemic changed a lot about the way people work and live. It’s had a huge impact on the entire foodservice industry.

Posted By Chef Gregg, Corporate Executive Chef


Meet Our New Chef: CEC Gregg Brickman

We are thrilled to introduce Corporate Executive Chef Gregg Brickman, one of our newest Customer Experience team members. In his role as CEC, Chef Gregg will provide a range of culinary support and expertise to our partners, from product testing to program development and everything in between. He will also offer equipment training to our domestic and international distributors. As Chef Gregg puts it, he is an ‘unlimited resource’ for our partners to tap into and be considered an extension of their internal culinary team. Check out our Q&A session below and get to know Chef Gregg!

Our 4 Best Equipment Solutions for Ghost Kitchens

In 2019, ghost kitchens (also referred to as dark kitchens and virtual kitchens) were simply an emerging trend to watch out for. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of these delivery-only kitchens in a big way. Just 15% of restaurant operators were using ghost kitchens before the pandemic, by May that number had risen to 51% (Technomic, 2020). The demand for off-premise dining options skyrocketed, creating an opportunity for operators to invest in ghost kitchens and even virtual brands.

What makes a Combi?

In recent years there has been a legitimate debate over the virtues of boiler and boilerless combis. Each basic design has its advantages and flaws. Often, the quality of the combi and its results depend on how its manufacturer has balanced one against the other.

How Henny Penny SmartHold Brings Value to the Kitchen
It's time to invest in the holding technology that pays for itself.

Henny Penny SmartHold Heated Holding Cabinets feature precise automatic humidity control. This gives operators the ability to hold nearly any hot food item longer and with significantly improved food value than any other heated holding cabinet. A patented system lets the user:

Why Holding Equipment is Vital to the “New Normal” in Foodservice

To say that the novel coronavirus pandemic has made a significant impact on the foodservice industry would be an understatement. Well-established norms and what little predictability we had before is now long forgotten.