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2022 Chicken Trends: 3 Tips to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More!
Posted By Chef Gregg, Corporate Executive Chef

With every ringing in of the new year, I’m asked to look into my crystal ball and make predictions about the restaurant industry and menu trends.  Most of the questions I’m asked relate to the most consumed animal protein in the world: chicken. In fact, it’s forecast that in 2022, Americans will consume more than 97 billion pounds of chicken. Not surprisingly, most of the questions that restaurant operators ask relate to how they can keep their customers coming back, clamoring for more chicken.  Three of the most common questions I’m asked about chicken are: “What should I add to my menu and why, and how will it impact my bottom line?”

Ghost Kitchens Are Here to Stay: 5 Ways to Boost Your Kitchen’s Profits
Posted By Chef Gregg, Corporate Executive Chef

It’s increasingly apparent that ghost kitchens—which saw explosive growth during the pandemic—are here to stay.  In fact, it’s shocking just how profitable a well-equipped, managed, and marketed ghost kitchen can be for an operator. How profitable? In 2019, ghost kitchens nationwide raked in more than $43 billion, and that’s expected to surpass $71 billion by 2027.  And, by 2030, it’s estimated the global market for ghost kitchens could surpass $1 trillion.

Guest Blog: 5 Maintenance Tips for Your Restaurant’s Pressure Fryer
By Brett Nestman from DSL Canada

Restaurants and foodservice establishments know the importance of the ultimate cooking gear: the deep fryer. If customers desire the right flavor and texture of their favorite foods, a good fry is essential to achieve that iconic, tasty crunch time and time again.

3 Reasons Foodservice Operators Love Pressure Assist

Pressure Assist is a new feature available on all Henny Penny 4-Head Pressure Fryers with C8000 controls. Exclusive to Henny Penny, Pressure Assist uses an external means of developing pressure within the fry pot for small product loads, which otherwise would not build optimum pressure levels on their own.

Distributor Spotlight: PHT Systems

In this exclusive Q&A series, operators get the chance to get behind-the-scenes and investigate one of our many unique distributor partnerships.

Guest Blog: 6 Ways a Combi Oven Can Benefit Foodservice Operations
By Brett Nestman from DSL Canada

One of the worst business strategies out there is to leave yourself without room for growth. Within eateries and foodservice establishments, expanding your footprint is possible when you have the right equipment and technology. Versatility is a characteristic of successful businesses, after all.

Mycoprotein: Getting the “chicken” without the bird
Posted By Chef Gregg, Corporate Executive Chef

You used to call it a veggie burger. Not bad, if you were looking to dodge a few saturated fats. A little like the “soy burgers” they served in the school cafeteria back in the day.  Today, non-meat burgers have found their way onto mainstream burger QSR menus, which suddenly makes fake meat a big deal.

Shular Institute redefines modern culinary education with the help of Henny Penny

The needs of the foodservice industry are changing. The appeal of traditional culinary school is waning. One chef is trying to bridge the gap.