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SIX FIGURES, ONE STEP: How Effective Oil Management Can Have a Major Impact on Profits
Posted By Chef Gregg, Corporate Executive Chef

You need to stay profitable. But there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do so. With rising food and edible oil costs, higher wages, and evolving trends and demands, virtually any move you make can have an unintended consequence.

Know Your Fryer’s Features: 3 Benefits of Idle Mode

Aside from managing utility and operational expenses, restaurant operators also face the added challenges of keeping food fresh and avoiding waste — including cooking oil – all while maintaining an efficient operation.

Why Prime Filter Powder means twice as much savings

Oil is an expensive consumable, doubling and even tripling in cost over the past year.  If you use it in your kitchen, we don’t have to spell this out for you. It costs a lot of money, it can cause operational challenges when disposal time comes, but for a lot of you, it produces a signature item on your menu. The big question is, what can you do to optimize your oil usage?

The 5 Enemies of Oil and How to Avoid Them
Posted By Chef Gregg, Corporate Executive Chef

For Superman it is kryptonite. For Achilles it was his heel. It seems for every hero there is a potential weakness that stands in their way. Frying oil may not be faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive, but restaurants depend on it and when someone depends on you, you get billed as a hero in their book. And just like Superman and Achilles, oil has plenty of enemies to worry about.

Kwik Trip Rolls Out Fresh Fried Chicken Program

Every day, fresh bread, baked goods, dairy products, and fuel are shipped to every store in the Kwik Trip system by a company-owned fleet from its central
production and distribution facility.

Top 5 Benefits of Pressure Frying

For years, pressure frying has been utilized by many food chains across the globe. Global chains love using pressure frying because it creates a delicious, healthy product attractive to today’s consumers, while at the same time saving on oil and labor costs.

Distributor Spotlight: Jestic

Distributor Spotlight: Jestic

Distributor Spotlight: TFI

In this exclusive Q&A series, operators gain behind-the-scenes insight into our unique distributor partnerships.