Henny Penny has a quality reputation in this industry.  They continue to be highly responsive whenever we need them and are a key partner.  Henny Penny offers dependability, reliability and consistency…we’re well on our way to reaching our branding goal because of this strong partnership.

Roger David, CEO, Buffalo Wings & Rings

In the end, what really has given us such trust in Henny Penny is that they have become a true partner and family member. They consistently rises to every challenge we throw their way, and I can confidently say that Pollo Campero wouldn’t be what it is today without Henny Penny.

Roberto Bianchi, Director of Operations, Pollo Campero

Sometimes you just need somebody to step up to the plate.  Henny Penny did that and they knocked it out of the park.

Randy Blaich, McDonald's

Looking ahead at the constantly increasing cost of oil and energy, every forward-thinking restaurant owner should consider Henny Penny Evolution Elite fryers.  I finally have a fryer I can depend on that is efficient, easy to use, and produces a beautiful product every time.

Larry Pizzutillo, Pizzutillo's Pizza Restaurant

They’re almost an extension of the way we do business, which from Wendy’s perspective is very important.  Dave Thomas had a lot of core values that still continue today.  Henny Penny embodies those same core values.

John Bowden, Wendy's

Henny Penny has always been there for us.  If you have any problems, managers can pick up the phone and someone is there to help them…day or night.  So it makes my job easier.

Jerry Latta, Director of Operations, McDonald's