“They’re almost an extension of the way we do business, which from Wendy’s perspective is very important.  Dave Thomas had a lot of core values that still continue today.  Henny Penny embodies those same core values.”

John Bowden, Wendy's

“Henny Penny has a quality reputation in this industry.  They continue to be highly responsive whenever we need them and are a key partner.  Henny Penny offers dependability, reliability and consistency…we’re well on our way to reaching our branding goal because of this strong partnership.”

Roger David, CEO, Buffalo Wings & Rings

“Our employees have embraced the Henny Penny Fryers!  We had used another brand of fryers before.  We would not go back.”

Chris Beck-McKay, McDonald's

“We are very proud that our oil shelf life with the Henny Penny Fryers has been 21 days versus 7-8 days in our old vats.”

Amy Aneralla, McDonald's