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Three Tips for Better Combi Cleaning

A clean kitchen is as important as it gets in the restaurant industry. With the number of utensils, surfaces and equipment that need cleaned, it is a time consuming, tedious and ongoing job. That is why when you find equipment that can help reduce cleaning time and energy, you need to investigate. One piece of equipment that offers incredibly flexibility in the kitchen and can offer easy cleaning options, is the combi oven — many are even offered with a self-cleaning feature.

Why is a self-cleaning feature important? By properly cleaning your combi oven you can extend the life of your equipment by about 10 years. Not only will neglecting cleaning practices result in the buildup of harmful calcium and lime, dramatically decreasing the life of your equipment. Furthermore, it can lead to unnecessary maintenance or replacement costs.

Henny Penny ovens are built with easy cleaning in mind. In three steps or less, you can initiate the automatic 2-in-1 WaveCleanTM cartridge system, which ensures your oven’s tank, hoses and entire steam production system are perfectly maintained, and rid of mineral buildup.  The ability to set-it-and-forget-it means no hand cleaning, which helps keep your equipment in excellent working order for its life.

The cleaning process in our combi ovens is simple. But we know your quest for equipment longevity and cleaning process simplicity goes further than that. Here are some additional tips for better combi cleaning:

Henny Penny SpaceSaver Team Combi Oven

Cleaning for the chicken obsessed

The cleaning power built into your unit is enough for your daily or weekly cleaning schedule. However, if you are cooking a lot of chicken, pay extra attention to the door gaskets — the fats in this protein, when cooked off, tend to build up here. Wiping down the gaskets with warm soapy water and sanitizing this part of the machine weekly, will keep you from needing to replace gaskets prematurely.

Safer cleaning

You can choose units that employ a variety of different cleaning solutions. From powder cleaning agents, to cartridges, liquids, or cakes there is an option that fits your operation. If you don’t want to worry about putting on gloves and goggles when working with your cleaning solution, consider a unit that uses cartridges. These require minimum safety precautions, are fast, simple, create less mess and are safe for the kitchen environment.

Baking and steaming mean less cleaning

If you have purchased a combi oven primarily for steaming vegetables or baking breads and cookies, know that your cleaning schedule can be different than if you are cooking proteins routinely. Vegetables and breads produce less calcium and lime buildup, which, as we mentioned, are the main enemies of your oven. This means you may be able to limit your cleaning schedule to once a week. Cutting back on cleaning means less money spent on cleaning agents.

Be sure to check out previous Our Take blogs for more information on combi ovens, including why the time is now to invest in a combi. To learn more about the many features and benefits of Henny Penny made combi ovens, take a look at our complete line-up.

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