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Why the F5? How about speed, efficiency and hard savings?

We changed the frying game back in 2008 with our Evolution Elite. This 30-lb. open fryer focused on producing quality food while improving operations and saving time and money. The overwhelming success of that first 30-lb. platform had us wondering — where do we go from here?

The answer?  The F5.

More than just a fryer with a touch screen, the F5 is a thoughtful and finely tuned frying platform that will provide game-changing value for frying operators who want to challenge the status quo. The F5 is an intuitive, easy-to-use, easy to train on fryer that helps operators successfully produce quality products, expedite operations and save money.

Let’s start with the latter — savings. The oil management technology that accompanies the F5’s 30-lb. vat, translates to a 40 percent savings on oil costs at fill compared the costs of a traditional 50-lb. vat — all while maintaining throughput. The F5 is also effective in extending oil life. In high volume applications oil has lasted up to 21 days, meaning your seasoned oil will spend more time in the optimum “sweet spot”. Having that extended sweet spot means you’ll be able to turn out exceptionally tasty food more consistently over extended periods of time.

The fast and simple filtering process leads to even more savings opportunities, by producing clean oil that is up to temperature in three minutes — a filter speed 25 percent faster than any other fryer available today. Less time filtering means more time frying and making money.

With F5’s low oil volume platform, operators can expect to see annual oil savings of between $3,000 and $5,000. This is even before incorporating the savings that can be derived from the simplicity of operation and maintenance:

In addition to saving money, there is the aspect of saving time and expediting operations. To cut down on the attention our equipment requires from operators, we made the F5 simple — really simple. Easy to operate, easy to train on and easy to maintain, our newest innovation is the definition of simplicity. Controls that are icon and picture-based help guide users through regular cooking operations, maintenance procedures, how-to guides and training programs. The F5 is easy for anyone to operate. Tasks are completed quicker than ever, and time spent on training is greatly reduced.

For more information on how the fast and efficient F5 can help operators save on oil, labor and time, download the complete ROI guide, or visit www.hpf5.com.

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